• Wrought iron bed. Personalised Executions. 944
Bed in Wrought Iron
Code Article 944

Imagining  to looking for  an Unparalled Bed, with personalized design, size and color ...

Imagining  to have  a reliable  and fast service...

Imagining   how it would  be finding  Artisan who is able to  follow your specs and produce required items in quickly times!!

MARTELLI Ferro Battuto, Excellency of Made in Italy Creative Craftsmanship   offers extended catalogue of specs items who,   with customers like you, it  will give  birth to New Ideas which will inspire beyond expectations!!


Discover  catalogue..

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Wonderful Artisan object . Style and Italian Design. Hand-forged solid iron

Specific Design and Realizations . Fit  to your needs and preferences!


Simple assembly  executable with minimal equipment and technical knowledge


" .. Cold Matter takes shape and  life under the rough blows but full of feeling and passion , creating everlasting and unparalleled  items , since  they are completely handmade .. "


Unparalleled quality!


Wide range of alternatives and Related Products!


Required item will have the specifics you prefer  and it will vary in the price according to  such characteristics


 Images are just to illustrate the value of the model and they refer to the ones already executed


Small imperfections belong to the artisan realization


 Colors available in the catalogue: 

Iron color , Pearl White , Ivory, Silver, Gold , Red, Transparent/clear


Available Treatments in the catalogue:

Shades and aging

Transparent with Color Finish Brushed Iron

Transparent color with Rust Finish


With a supplement of € 15 we can realize the object in any COLOUR you prefer ( pls. See the Catalogue ) ; you should  just show us the code RAL chosen


FREE Shipping throughout Italy


Varying Delivery times  depending on quantity required (minimum 15 working days from payment )


Possible Benefits and Tax Relief


DOUBLE includes a network of 160 x 190 = Headboard Euro 1540. Headboard and bedframe Euro 1740. Headboard and footboard Euro 2040. Canopy Headboard and bedframe Euro 1890. Canopy headboard and footboard Euro 2390.

SQUARE ONE AND A HALF includes a network of 120 x 190 = Headboard Euro 1340. Headboard and bedframe Euro 1540. Headboard and footboard Euro 1840. Canopy Headboard and bedframe Euro 1690. Canopy headboard and footboard Euro 2190.

SINGLE hosts a network of 80 x 190 = Headboard Euro 1140. Headboard and bedframe Euro 1340. Headboard and footboard Euro 1640. Canopy Headboard and bedframe Euro 1490. Canopy headboard and footboard Euro 1990

CROWN Canopy = Euro 100,00

Acceptable  possible payments are:  through PayPalBank or possible Instalment Payments

For personalized creations with more than Euro 1000.00 , the payment will be splitting  in : 40% PARTIAL PAYMENT FROM ORDER DATE +  30% FOR ADVANCED WORK testified and shown  by images during building  + BALANCE (the  30%  remaining)    at  shipment time


Pls. Contact us for any further info and   See additional notes on Web  Site


Shipping . Return. Terms & Conditions . Privacy Policy

MARTELLI Ferro Battuto 

Via Rapezzi 21, Prato, +39 057432382 


Color catalog:
Iron color, Pearl White, Ivory, Silver, Gold, Red, Transparent

Treatments in the Library:
Shades and aging
Transparent with Color Finish Brushed Iron
Transparent color with Rust Finish

With a supplement of € 35 can achieve the object in COLOR preferred by the customer, just show us the code RAL chosen

We Ourselves manufacturers of items for sale: do not hesitate to contact us for any changes or special needs for measurements, color and quantity! We would be happy to consider your ideas possibly through drawings or pictures! We will reply as soon as possible with suggestions, clarifications and cost estimates without any obligation!

The ancient Masters School Fiorentini is expressed in all its tradition by giving life to objects with a thousand faces! The cold matter comes alive and gives life under the blows rough but full of feeling and passion, creating timeless and unique articles as they are completely handmade! The craftsmanship and decoration make it possible to get an object and effect of absolute beauty, as to be confused with materials that are easier to mold!

Small imperfections are part of the artisan

We do not assume liability for any damages and / or inconveniences due to the forwarder, you can ensure the delivery in order to be protected the entire value of the object

Presenting the invoice or receipt, the Restitution (for reasons attributable to us) is allowed within 14 days of purchase with shipping costs charged to the buyer return the item intact and without any alterations, will be offered a Good Purchase value equal to 70% of the amount spent. The good will be used to purchase any of our object
The images are for illustrative insertion of the model and relate to achievements already made.
The Product Custom will have the characteristics preferred by the customer and will vary in price based on these characteristics.
Customize the Realizations NOT REFUND provide such law.

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Wrought iron bed. Personalised Executions. 944

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